Released : 24 July 1998
Cast : Pawan kalyan, Keerthi reddy, vasuki, Nagesh and others
Music : Deva
Banner : NSC Arts
Director : Karunakaran
The movie that brought box office craze to pawan kalyan, Tholi Prema, a well portrayed love story by debutant karunakaran, stands as a trend setter for many love stories that followed.
Balu(kalyan) is the youngest son in the family, and is also a careless guy. He falls for Anu(keerthi), who returns from USA to spend time with her grand father. Anu is impressed with balu, when he saves a kid\’s life and tries to get his autograph, but fails. Balu leaves for Ooty for his studies, but accidently meets Anu on the way, when his taxi is broken. Anu\’s car slips into a valley, and trying to save anu, balu slips off too. Anu is depressed that balu sacrificed himself to save her, searches for him but loses hope. Balu is saved by a truck driver and admitted in a hospital. On his return, anu meets balu at his house to express her gratitude. Balu thinks of proposing his love, but is warned by his sister(vasuki). Balu develops friendship with Anu, but never dares to express his love. Vasuki gets married and leaves, and at the same time anu too gets admission in USA and is about to leave. They both remain silent till they reach airport, but just before anu leaves, she realizes what she would be missing and they both agree to meet after reaching their goals in life.
A meaningful movie, well handled with good music by deva, comedy by Ali, Venu Madhav and co., and sentimental scenes between vasuki and kalyan.
Interesting point in this movie is that, there\’s no duet. All songs were picturized on kalyan and co. This trend setting movie ran for more than 200 days in many centers.

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